August 2019 Voter Online

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Rose and Bill Davidson, of "Moms Demand Action" for Gun Sense
Rose and Bill Davidson, of “Moms Demand Action” for Gun Sense

This big 12 page issue contains information on

  • the Luncheon meeting 8/8 (“Moms Demand Action” for Gun Sense)
  • upcoming events (community and statewide, as well as local League)
  • the co-Presidents on election changes
  • spotlight on “Tooker” Walton, part of the reminiscences by longstanding League members
  • the Census and the Citizenship question: the issues
  • Suffrage in New Mexico on the League’s 75th birthday (Shelly Shepherd’s report to Congress in 1995)
  • New Mexico’s Nina Otero Warren, a pioneer in women’s rights and suffrage in New Mexico, and on the “National Votes for Women” Trail
  • summary of the State League’s board meeting in July
  • request for volunteers to help with Centennial events
  • and even more!