Kirtland Air Base Spill and Cleanup Update

Stephanie Stringer, Resource Protection Division Director for the New Mexico Environment Department will speak to NE Heights Unit Meeting on Monday, January 27. The meeting will be at La Vida Llena, 10501 Lagrima de Oro NE and begins at 10 a.m. Stringer will be discussing the Kirtland Air Force Base spill, including the background and timeline of the spill and subsequent cleanup activities.

photo of Stephanie Stringer
Stephanie Stringer

The spill included hazards impacting air, water and the environment and Ms. Stringer will discuss the toxicity and hazardous substances involved including stakeholder outreach opportunities by NMED officials.

The League of Women Voters of New Mexico has adopted multiple natural resources positions, most recently revised in 2019, including air quality, water quality and water supply and the role of New Mexico government in the regulation and oversight of cleanup processes.

The purpose of the Resource Protection Division is to prevent new contamination and address legacy pollution in New Mexico for the protection of public health and the environment. The division ensures that hazardous waste is managed from cradle to grave and contaminated sites are cleanup up as quickly as possible to lessen the burden to communities, their health and our environment.

The division closely monitors the environment within and around U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Department of Energy facilities in New Mexico, taking swift and meaningful compliance actions when warranted. Additionally, the division ensures that petroleum storage tanks are managed to prevent releases and remediated when spills occur. The division also ensures that solid wate and recyclable materials are responsibly managed.

Stephan String has been director of the Resource Protection Division since March 2019. Prior to taking that appointment, she was the NMED’s Drinking Water Bureau Chief. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Aquatic Biology and a Masters of Arts in Entomolgy. She has been working in the environmental management field for more than 25 years with an emphasis on water quality protection.