August Voter now Online

August is the month we celebrate the Centennial of both the 19th Amendment and the League of Women Voters! (Although the celebration has been postponed until next year, or whenever COVID-19 is under control). This issue of the Voter

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contains a lot of good reading, particularly focusing on the history of the suffrage in New Mexico. Some articles:

  • A Women’s Equality timeline from 1848 to final ratification Aug 26, 1920
  • The strange history and travels of the Suffragists Memorial statue
  • A suffrage quiz for kids (try it yourself!)
  • Hispanic women and the fight for the 19th amendment in New Mexico
  • Harriet Tubman and the voting rights movement
  • A Zoom-powered unit meeting August 13 on women’s suffrage in New Mexico
  • More on “How to Zoom” and where to get help
  • A report on the previous Zoomed Unit meeting (so far, so good)
  • The new office! Still closed until further notice, but an open house is planned for sometime in the COVID-free future (wear that mask!)
  • A report on the new President of the League of Women Voters, United States, Doctor Debra Turner, MD, JD

Check it out!