February 2021 Voter now available

Dr. David Scrase

The February Voter can be downloaded here. As usual, it’s full of interesting and critical information, including

  • Dr David Scrase will talk about “The Pandemic, a year later” at the Luncheon Zoom. As you may recall from the several Governor’s briefings on the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Scrase is the Secretary of the Human Services department for New Mexico.
  • There will be virtual League Day at the Legislature. Get all the details in this issue of the Voter!
  • A new Advocacy Committee has been formed, and needs volunteers. The new committee will work to identify issues of concern in LWVCNM’s four-county area and will work closely with the Observer Corps. More observer volunteers are also welcome.
  • Several reports from the Observer Corps. Bernalillo County Commission, PRC (Public Regulation Commission), Albuquerque Mental Health Response Advisory Committee. Also, the search for a new Albuquerque Police Chief.
  • Watch the new documentary, “All In: How the Right to Vote went Wrong” now streaming on Amazon. There’s also a link to a PBS interview with several of the participants.
  • Yet more on the “Equal Rights Amendment”.
  • The National LWV calls for the removal of President Donald Trump from office. (okay…)
  • Looking for new Voter Services, Program, and First VP candidates. Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting.

And more! To keep up with what’s going on in Central New Mexico, be sure to read the Voter!