May 2021 Voter

Be sure to check this one out prior to the May 1 Annual Meeting, as there are a few new or updated items! This month’s Voter, which you can download at

  • Board suggested changes to Treasurer’s Budget, presented in the last Voter
  • Annual Report from the Co-Presidents
  • The June 1 Special Election to fill US Congresional District 1, the seat formerly held by Deb Haaland, now Secretary of the Interior.
  • A webinar on Redistricting, to be held April 29
  • The creation of Mother’s Day and the woman who started it all
  • Observer reports from APD Forward and the City’s Mental Health Response Advisory Committee
  • Request for volunteers for this Fall’s Voter Guide, which will cover municipal and county elections
  • Addressing Climate Change
  • News from LWVUS
  • LWV New Mexico lobbying efforts this session
  • and MORE!

Be sure to check out this issue! It’s the last from our excellent Voter Editor, Mary Wilson.