Bernalillo County Consolidated Municipal Election

Voter Guide

CORRECTION: The APS Bond Issue and Mill Levy questions in the printed Voter Guide are incorrect. The correct questions are below.

APS General Obligation Bond Question – $200 million

“Shall the Albuquerque Municipal School District No. 12 be authorized to issue up to $200,000,000. of general obligation bonds for the purpose of (1) erecting, remodeling, making additions to and furnishing school buildings, (2) purchasing or improving school grounds, (3) purchasing computer software and hardware for student use in public schools, (4) providing matching funds for capital outlay projects funded pursuant to the Public School Capital Outlay Act, or (5) any combination of these purposes?”

APS Mill Levy Question – $430 million collected over 6 years

“Shall the Albuquerque Municipal School District No. 12 impose a property tax levy of $3.838 per each $1,000.00 of net taxable value of residential property and $4.344 per each $1,000.00 of net taxable value of non-residential property allocated to the Albuquerque Municipal School District No. 12 for the property tax years 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2027 for the purposes of

A. erecting, remodeling, making additions to, providing equipment for or furnishing public school buildings.

B. payments made pursuant to a financing agreement entered into by a school district or a charter school for the leasing of a building or other real property with an option to purchase for a price that is reduced according to payments made;

C. purchasing or improving public school grounds;

D. purchasing activity vehicles for transporting students to and from extracurricular school activities; provided that this authorization for expenditure does not apply to school districts with a student MEM greater than sixty thousand;

E. administering the projects undertaken pursuant to Subsections A and C of this section, including expenditures for facility maintenance software, project management softwart, project oversight and district personnel specifically related to administration of projects funded by the Public School Buildings Act: provided that expenditures pursuant to this subsection shall not exceed five percent of total project costs; and

F. purchasing and installing education technology improvements, excluding salary expenses of school district employees, but including tools used in the educational process that constitute learning and administrative resources, and which may also include:

(1) satellite, copper and fiber-optic transmission; computer and network connection devices; digital communication equipment, including voice, video and data equipment; servers; switches; portable media devices, such as discs and drives to contain data for electronic storage and playback; and purchase or lease of software licenses or other technologies and services, maintenance, equipment and computer infrastructure information, techniques and tools used to implement technology in schools and related facilities; and

(2) improvements, alterations and modifications to, or expansions of, existing buildings or tangible personal property necessary or advisable to house or otherwise accommodate any of the tools listed in this subsection.

This is the second Consolidated Municipal Election. You will see races on your ballot that were previously independent elections.

Want to see the races on your ballot? Go to That is the League of Women Voters of Central New Mexico’s non-partisan website. You will be asked to enter your address. You can then click on the names of candidates to see their answers to a series of questions. This website does not collect or store your personal information.

Request an absentee ballot

Mail or hand deliver your absentee ballot

Early Voting Locations – Beginning October 16, 2021

10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday – Saturday

Election Day Voting Locations – November 2, 2021

7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

On November 2nd voters in three communities in Bernalillo County will elect leaders.

City of Albuquerque

Candidates for Mayor

Timothy M Keller (Incumbent)

Manuel Gonzales III

Eddy Aragon

Candidates for City Council

These races are for specific districts. If you do not live in the district, you will not see the race on your ballot.

Here is a map of the districts.

District 1 – Louis Sanchez

District 1 – Thanh-Lan Thi Sena (Incumbent)

District 3 – Klarissa J. Pena (Incumbent)

District 3 – Anthony Joseph Zamora

District 5 – Phillip Ray Ramirez

District 5 – Cynthia D. Borrego

District 5 – Dan Lewis

District 7 – Emilie Marie

District 7 – Travis B. Kellerman

District 7 – Tammy L. Fiebelkorn

District 7 – Andres P. Valdez

District 7 – Mauro Walden Montoya

District 7 – Lori Lee Robertson

District 9 – Byron K. Powdrell

District 9 – Robert C. Grilley, Jr.

District 9 – Renee Grout

Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque

Trustee – Gilbert L. Benavides

Trustee – George E. Radnovich

Trustee – Daniel L. Gay

Trustee – Loretta M. Smith

Municipal Judge – Diane E. Albert

Municipal Judge – Henry Alexander Kelly

Village of Tijeras

Trustee – Matt J. Armenta

Trustee – Jonathan M. Ortiz

Trustee – Gloria J. Chavez

Albuquerque Public Schools

Board Member District 3 – Jinx F. Baskerville

Board Member District 3 – Ali Ennenga

Board Member District 3 – Lucas Stephan Gauthier

Board Member District 3 – Danielle Marie Gonzales

Board Member District 5 – Crystal Elaine Tapia – Romero

Board Member District 5 – Emma Jean Jones

Board Member District 5 – Uche M. Ohiri

Board Member District 6 – Josefina Elizabet Dominguez

Board Member District 6 – Arthur J. Carrasco

Board Member District 6 – Celia Cortez (write in)

Board Member District 6 – Crystal D. Franco

Board Member District 7 – Nicholas Dale Bevins

Board Member District 7 – Julie Brenning

Board Member District 7 – Courtney I. Jackson

Central New Mexico Community College

Board Member District 1 – Charles N. Ofelt

Board Member District 5 – Nancy A. Baca

Board Member District 7 – Robert P. Schoenfelder

Cuidad Soil and Water District

Supervisor Position 3 – Frederick J. Snoy II

Supervisor Position 3 – Zoe Economou

Supervisor Position 4 – Kaelyn Ashby Dreyer

Supervisor Position 4 – James Steven Glass

Albuquerque Arroyo Metropolitan Flood Control

Director District 1 – Elizabeth Newlin Taylor

Director District 2 – Orlando G. Martinez Jr. (write in)

Paradise Hills Special Zoning District

Commissioner Seat 3 – Elizabeth K. Haley

Commissioner Seat 4 – Valentine T Vaughn Jr.

Public Improvement Districts

These are small district in which property owners come together to agree to a yearly tax for a specific purpose such as drainage improvements or a park. Normally, these are small independent elections, but they were drawn into the Consolidate Municipal Election on November 2. No candidate filed for any of these districts and they will not be on the ballot because there were no candidates. These are the positions on those districts that should have been up for election. They will be filled by default by Albuquerque Mayor and City Council Appointments.

The Ventana West Public Improvement District

Position 1 – Board Member

Position 2 – Board Member

Position 3 – Board Member

Position 4 – Board Member

Position 5 – Board Member

Juan Tabo Hills Estates Public Improvement District

Position 1 – Board Member

Position 2 – Board Member

Montecito Estates Public Improvement District

Position 1 – Board Member

Position 2 – Board Member

Position 3 – Board Member

Position 4 – Board Member

Position 5 – Board Member

The Trails Public Improvement District

Position 1 – Board Member

Position 2 – Board Member

Position 3 – Board Member

Position 4 – Board Member

Position 5 – Board Member