LWVCNM Officers

Officers, Directors & Committee Chairs

Co-Presidents Karen Douglas & Donna Sandoval
1st Vice President Karen Wentworth
2nd Vice President Liz Shields
3rd Vice President Jennifer Black
4th Vice President – Fundraising Vacant
Treasurer Donna Sandoval
Secretary Ashley Benning
Membership Liz Shields
Director – Public Relations Vacant
Advocacy Karen Wentworth
Director – At Large Judy Binder
Director – Voter Services Vacant
Director – Voter Guide Distribution Lani Desaulniers
Director – Sustainability/Climate Change Jeanne Logsdon
Director – Technology, Office Manager, Webmaster, Zoom Starlyn Brown
Newsletter Anne Pierce-Jones
Who’s Who Editor Ashley Benning
Director – At Large  Gina Mahfouz
Nominating Committee Jeanne Logsdon, MaryEllen Smith


The Bylaws of the League of Women Voters of Central New Mexico, Inc. are established by vote of the membership. Amendments may be introduced at least one month prior to the Annual Meeting, in writing, and require a vote of 2/3 of the voting members present to pass.

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The Voter, the Monthly Newsletter of LWVCNM

October 2021 Voter. Report from the co-presidents.  Karen Wentworth accepted 1st Vice President/Voters’ Guide board position.  The online Vote411.org voters’ guide will cover the four Central New Mexico counties in 2021—Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia. Use of social media by LWVCNM. League works with APS to get election information to parents. Potential LWVNM/LWVCNM concurrence with California Criminal Justice Reform/Policing Practices. Tribal Law Study update. Voter Guide at the printer. Public Transit in Albuquerque’s climate action plan. What happens when we have an Election, and nobody runs? Voter Guide distribution update.

September 2021 Voter.  Reports from the Co-Presidents. August 9th monthly meeting, via Zoom, Voter Education Part 1 with speakers Jaime Diaz and Nathan Jaramillo. To Zoom or not to Zoom, that is the question. JEDI Update. LWVNM Action Committee. LWVCNM volunteer opportunities, we need you! Renewable Energy Strategies in Albuquerque’s Climate Action Plan. Community Policing Council (CPC) summer meetings report. UNMH gives annual report to County Commission.

August 2021 Voter.  We Have Moved! Reports from the Co-Presidents. August 12th monthly meeting features Fred Nathan, Executive Director of Think New Mexico.  LWVNM Tribal Law Study opportunity.  JEDI Update. Sustainable buildings in Albuquerque’s Climate Action Plan. The Voter Guide and Vote411.org committee is hard at work. 

July 2021 Voter. We are moving into a new office on August 1. Work begins on Vote411 for the November election. July 8 monthly meeting features Dr. James Ginger. Report summaries from the Co-Presidents and the Observer Corps. Preliminary look at the program calendar, August 2021 through September 2022.  Albuquerque’s 2021 Climate Action Plan.

June 2021 Voter. Reports from the Co-Presidents, Calendar Planning June 12th, Challenges For Working Moms, Strengthening Our Focus On The Environment, News from LWVUS, APD Forward, Voter Guide Volunteers Needed, LWVCNM Directorships open, Updated directory of Board members, June 10th Monthly meeting program.

May 2021 Voter. More items for Annual Meeting, reports from the Co-Presidents and the Observer Corps, the origins of Mother’s Day, Redistricting webinar, Special election for CD1 seat June 1, municipal/county election: help needed to prepare Voter Guide, news from LWVUS, addressing climate change, what LWV New Mexico did in the just-ended Legislative Session, and more.

April 2021. Annual meeting is May 1, and this is the Annual Meeting issue of the Voter. Be sure download and have at hand a copy of this Voter when you attend Annual meeting, which you should. There are summaries of the year’s accomplishments, upcoming projects, budgets, candidates, and several items that will be voted upon. And more! Note also that former Senator Tom Udall will be the keynote speaker.

March 2021. March is when Sunshine Week occurs, and the Luncheon Meeting features the Executive Director of the new State Ethics Commission. The Advocacy Committee needs volunteers, as does the Observer Corps, whose latest reports also appear in this issue. LWV Santa Fe County proposes to amend the state position on election procedures to use Ranked Choice vote counting. Essays by LWV US on remaining non-partisan and the Brennan Center on how rights went wrong. And more!

February 2021. A big month! Dr David Scrase will talk about “The Pandemic, a year later” at the Luncheon Zoom. There will be virtual League Day at the Legislature. A new Advocacy Committee has been formed, and needs volunteers. Several reports from the Observer Corps. Watch the new documentary, “All In: How the Right to Vote went Wrong” now streaming on Amazon. Yet more on the “Equal Rights Amendment”. The National LWV calls for the removal of President Donald Trump. Looking for new Voter Services, Program, and First VP candidates. And more!

January 2021. Start the year right by reading the January Voter! This issue discusses upcoming events, including Program Planning, a Unit on the State’s lobbying plans for the sixty-day session of the Legislature, reports from the Observer Corps, On Nonpartisanship of the League, the Equal Rights Amendment in New Mexico, and much more.

December 2020. Information about the December Luncheon Meeting (Dr. Rachel Kleinfeld, on how Democracies make major social changes); the annual Advocacy (aka “Lobbying”)Workshop (now you don’t need to drive to Santa Fe! Just Zoom in!); volunteers needed for 2021 Board positions; update on Ranked Choice Voting; reports from the Observer Corps; history of New Mexico’s Equal Rights Amendment (in which the state gets out in front of the Federal government again); LWVUS statements on fair redistricting and legislative priorities; statistics on our Vote 411 voter guide; and MORE!

November 2020. Post-election general Zoom meeting with Peter S. Kierst, UNM; this year’s Voter Guide; expectations for election night and vote counting; the Observer Corps and several reports from the League’s new Observers; APD Forward report; Equal Rights in New Mexico (1972 amendment); and much more!

October 2020.  Annual Meeting, how to Zoom in, speakers, updated treasurer’s report; expanded office hours; Vote 411; Centennial notes; notice on voting and election work from the Bernalillo County Clerk; lots more.

September 2020.   Co-President Douglas’s editorial on the 19th Amendment plus background reading material, calendar updates for September through Annual meeting, the outline of the 2021 schedule, Observer Corps training (sign up now!), suggestions on how to make a difference in your community, the September 13 unit meeting (Jaime Diaz, deputy county clerk for Bernalillo), how to vote absentee by mail and when, LWVUS affirms the founding principles of the United Nations, and let’s not forget to tell everyone about our Voter Guide on Vote411.org!

August 2020. A big issue, with much information on the centennial of the 19th Amendment (August 26), back history of suffragists in New Mexico, photos of the new office (still closed), many photos both old and new, and lots more!

July 2020. Very important issue: the League office’s new location, online Unit meetings, watch “The Vote” on PBS, what happened at LWV US Convention, don’t forget the 2020 Census, help wanted for Voter Guide, history of Petroglyph National Monument, Racial Justice resolution, the continued relevance of the Kerner Commission – and much more!

June 2020. A big issue, containing the co-presidents’ report, events postponed or cancelled due to Covid-19, online substitutes and corresponding parliamentary procedures, upcoming PBS presentations (“The VOTE”), a call for book reviewers, the upcoming Virtual National Convention, report from Voter Services chair, support for Black Lives Matter movement, and more!

May 2020. In spite of the Covid-19 lockdown, this is a big, information-filled issue. Contents include thoughts on voting during a pandemic, and recollection that lobbying and passing of the 19th Amendment took place during the 1918-20 “Spanish flu” pandemic; a June Primary Voter Guide via Vote411.org; the August 29 Suffrage Centennial is still tentatively on; the Census and its importance; Redistricting and the League position; why Parliamentary Procedures; the updated Who’s Who; the Member Handbook, now in preparation; and more!

April 2020. This is your Annual Meeting issue! Be sure to either bring a printed copy (one is being mailed to you), or download it to your portable device when you come to Annual Meeting on May 2! (unless postponed due to CoVid-19). Contents include reports by all the officers, directors and committee chairs, financial reports and proposed budget, co-Presidents report addressing CoVid-19, the Member Handbook, nominations for new officers, proposed changes to the Bylaws and Dues, and much more!

March 2020. A big, colorful issue which includes reports on the month-long celebration of the League’s founding 100 years ago, Luncheon meeting 3/12 on Reproductive Rights, NE Heights unit on Sunshine Week/Open Government, co-Presidents’ report, community events in March celebrating women’s right to vote, spotlight on a member, planning for the Two Centennials Banquet August 29, update on APD Forward, calls for volunteers, and a reminder: the April Voter is the Annual Meeting issue: reports must be submitted by March 15.

February 2020. All the month’s special meetings: League 100th Birthday Party, Legislative reception, League Day at the Legislature, NE Heights Unit meeting; the co-presidents’ report and Vote411; historical presentation in Santa Fe on Women in our history; report on “Equal Means Equal” showings; results of Program Planning meeting; spotlight on member Karen Wentworth; and much more!

January 2020. A big issue, listing 2020 Centennial events and a reading list, the 3 unit meetings of January, League Day at the Legislature and the Legislative Reception, co-presidents report, update on Vote 411, the State League’s legislative priorities for the 30-day session, Program Planning Jan 11 (new location!), LWVNM work on Redistricting, and more!

La Palabra – the Quarterly Newsletter of LWV New Mexico

La Palabra comes out four times a year: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Issues can be found (PDF) on the League of Women Voters of New Mexico website.

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