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Before taking action, the League studies issues, educates the membership, discusses, and arrives at consensus. This is how our positions are determined. Each year at the Annual Meeting, studies are proposed and if approved, are conducted by those of the membership who are interested in the particular issue.

At the 2011 Annual Convention, two studies were approved:

Transparency in Bernalillo County Government

Transparency Study for Bernalillo County. Interest in this study began in December2010 at the Program Planning meeting. There was concern voiced about the unfolding problems in Bernalillo County, problems that ranged from ongoing problems at the Metropolitan Detention Center to the lack of transparency in the way decisions were made and money was handled in the county. Members who attended that meeting decided to pursue a transparency study to observe county government more closely.

Since that meeting the long-time county manager has resigned, the director of finance has retired and new county commissioner has taken office. The new commission has passed a transparency ordinance, but many problems still remain.

This is a time of great transition in Bernalillo County as a new manager is hired and county government adjusts to the new commissioner.

One of the important things the league does is watch to assure that the processes of democracy work properly, that government administrators follow the rules, act in the best interest of the people they serve and operate in a way that allows genuine participation of the public.

Karen Wentworth has volunteered to lead the study. She is now looking for members who are interested in participating. If you want to be part of the study, please contact her.

Drug Policy Study

The Drug Policy Study has been very successful in promoting effective pain management. Now, the study has been expanded on the State level to investigate how to reduce the number of alcohol-related deaths in New Mexico. Delores Watkins is the head of the study, and continues to look for people willing to participate.