Torrance County

Oct. 5 – Absentee voting begins. Here’s how to vote absentee

Oct. 16 – Early voting begins. Early voting locations and hours here

Nov. 2 – Election day voting, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voting locations not yet available.

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Town of Mountainair

Mayor – Peter Nieto

Mayor – Ernesto Lopez Jr.

Councilor at Large – Joe “Richard” Torres

Councilor at Large – Dustin R. Kaysar

Councilor at Large – Jeremy L. Oliver

Councilor at Large – Juanita Monica Carrillo

Municipal Judge – Marion J. Riley

Mountainair Public School Board

Board Position 3 – Dustin R. Kaysar

Board Position 5 – Mary Kathleen Gustin

Village of Willard

Mayor – Robert Chavez

Mayor – David C. Dean (write-in)

Councilor at Large – Lorine A. Mendez

Councilor at Large – Roberta J. Chavez

Councilor at Large – Edward Steven Redondo, Jr.

Councilor at Large – Gloria L. Valdez

Town of Estancia

Mayor – Nathan M. Dial

Trustee – Noah Joshua Sedillo

Trustee – J. Morrow Hall

Trustee – Martin A. Lucero

Trustee (2-year term) – Stella I. Chavez

Municipal Judge – Bruce R. Dile

Estancia Municipal School District

Board Position 1 – Randol D. Riley

Board Position 2 – Elaine I. Darnell

Board Position 2 – Kelsey C. Collins

Board Position 2 – Patricia L. Gallegos

Board Position 4 – Lee Ryan Widner

Board Position 4 – Marshall Heath Palmer

Village of Encino

Councilor at Large – Michael D. Alarid (write-in)

Councilor at Large – Victor R. Gallegos (write-in)

Trustee (2-year term) – Timothy McCue (write-in)

City of Moriarty

Councilor at Large – Steve Anaya

Councilor at Large – Wilson B. Myrick

Councilor at Large – Robert “Bobby” Ortiz

Municipal Judge – Bobby L. Garcia

Claunch-Pinto Soil and Water Conservation Board

Supervisor 3 – David V. Cain

East Torrance Soil and Water Conservation Board

Supervisor 3 – Jim M. Berlier

Supervisor 4 – Joe R. Everett

Edgewood Soil and Water Conservation Board

Supervisor 4 – Bill R. Williams