Valencia County

October 5 – Absentee voting begins. Click here to request an absentee ballot

October 16 – Early voting begins. Check here for hours and locations

November 2 – Election day. 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Click here for polling locations

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City of Belen

Mayor – Danny M. Bernal, Jr.

Mayor – Robert C. Noblin, Jr.

Mayor – Lorenzo Carrillo

Councilor at Large – Meghan Rose Malcolm Morgan

Councilor at Large – Mike Moreno

Councilor at Large – Marcella T. Melendez

Councilor at Large – Steven Lee Holdman

Councilor at Large – Frank F. Ortega

Municipal Judge – Keith D. Norwood

Municipal Judge – Yvette Padilla

Municipal Judge – Manny Garcia

Belen Consolidated School District

Board Member Position 4 – Jim D. Danner

Board Member Position 5 – Larry B. Garley

Town of Peralta

Mayor – Christine M. Murphy

Mayor – Bryan R. Olguin

Mayor – Margarita Castillo

Councilor at Large – Claudio J. Moya

Councilor at Large – Randy A. Smith

Councilor at Large – Perla Clifton

Municipal Judge – Tracy L. Aragon

City of Rio Communities

Mayor – Joshua D. Ramsell

Councilor at Large – Ronnie W. White

Councilor at Large – Arthur L. Apodaca

Councilor at Large – John Keith Thompson

Councilor at Large – Leyda Martinez Hahn

Councilor at Large – Richard K. Henderson

Councilor at Large – Lawrence Richard Gordon

Municipal Judge – Holly Noelle Chavez

Village of Los Lunas

Councilor District 1 – Christopher S. Ortiz

Councilor District 3 – Cruz Munoz

Councilor District 4 – Phillip Jaramillo

Councilor District 4 – Helen A. Jaramillo

Councilor District 4 – James T. Runyon

Los Lunas Public Schools

Board Member Position 3 – Paul H. Herrera

Board Member Position 3 – Charles A. Rhodes

Board Member Position 3 – P David ‘Dave’ Vickers

Board Member Position 4 – Jessie A. Lewis

Board Member Position 5 – Bruce E. Bennett

Board Member Position 5 – Steven R. Otero

Board Member Position 5 – Brandon D. Campanella

UNM Valencia Advisory Board

At Large Position 4 – Roberta A. Scott

At Large Position 4 – Joleen M. Chavez

Position 1 – Eliosa G. Tabet

Valencia Soil and Water Conservation Board

Position 2 – Duana M. Draszkiewicz

Position 3 – Paul Joseph Moya

Position 4 – Teresa K.E. Smith de Cherif

Position 4 – Albert David Shrecengost