Voter Guide to 2018 General Election

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Voter Guides
The 2018 Voter Guide is available in both this web version, or you can download the PDF here:
Voter Guide to 2018 General Election

Additional Voter Guides for Native American precincts

The League of Women Voters of New Mexico is for the first time publishing separate Voter Guides for the 12 New Mexico counties with substantial Native American Populations. In this pilot project the League is publishing and printing 15,000 Voter Guides for Native Americans in these counties. These guides can be downloaded:

From the Secretary of State’s website:

From this website (helpful if the SoS site is slow)
San Juan,
Rio Arriba,
Santa Fe,
Taos and

For a totally different Voter Guide experience, try the League of Women Voters of New Mexico’s “personalized” guide, good for anywhere in the State of New Mexico!

Registering to Vote

Deadline: 5pm on Tuesday October 9, if you wish to vote in the November 6 general election.

You can apply online at your County Clerk’s website or the Secretary of State website. Paper applications are available at the County Clerk’s offices, all public libraries, and Motor Vehicle Division offices. You will need identification if this is the first time you are registering in New Mexico. (You can provide this documentary identification the first time you vote.)

Voter Identification

When voting in person, you should state your name, your year of birth, and your the address of your voter registration. You can also present a physical form of identification.

Voting on Election Day

Polls will be open from 7am to 7pm on Tuesday November 6.

Bernalillo County

Voting is done at Vote Centers. A Bernco resident can vote at ANY of these Vote Centers. The list and interactive map is online at the County Clerk’s website (PDF form)

Sandoval County

: If you are registered in a “Traditional Rural Precinct” (outside of Rio Rancho or Corrales) you may vote at your traditional precinct location or at a Vote Center in Corrales or Rio Rancho. If you do not vote at your “Traditional Rural Precinct”, you will vote a Provisional Ballot.

Early Voting

Bernalillo County

Early voting begins at the Clerk’s Annex (1500 Lomas Blvd NW) on Tuesday, October 9, 8am to 8pm and will continue Monday through Saturdays until Saturday November 3. These same hours will apply at eighteen additional locations, except as noted.
Where to vote early in Bernalillo County

Sandoval County

Early voting begins at the County Administration Building ONLY on October 9 Tuesday, and will be open from 8am to 5pm through Friday, November 2. Early Voting at the Sandoval County Vote Centers begins October 20 and ends Saturday, November 3, from 10am to 7pm, except as noted.
Where to vote early in Sandoval County

Absentee Ballots

Any person qualified to vote may vote by absentee ballot. Absentee ballots cast in person must be delivered by the voter who signed the packet, a member of the voter’s immediate family, or a caretaker. If you apply for an absentee ballot and receive it, you must vote that ballot.

Bernalillo County

To request a ballot, you can

  • phone the County Clerk’s office (505-243-8683)
  • email
  • fax 505-468-1293
  • visit the County Clerk’s office at One Civic Plaza NW (6th floor) in Albuquerque
  • write to the County Clerk at P.O. Box 542, Albuquerque 87103-0542
  • apply at

Cast your ballot by mail or in person. Ballots can be returned at any Bernalillo County voting location until 7pm November 6, Election Day.

Sandoval County Absentee Voting

To request a ballot

  • phone the Clerk’s office (505-867-7577)
  • visit or write the County Clerk at 1500 Idalia Road, Bldg D, Bernalillo 87004
  • Dowload an application at

Cast your ballot by mail or in person to the County Clerk at 1500 Idalia Road, Bldg D, Bernalillo 87004, no later than 7pm Tuesday, November 6.

Write-in Voting:

Write-in voting is permitted on the paper ballot as long as the person you vote for is qualified as a write-in candidate. A write-in vote can only be counted if the name written in is the name of a declared write-in candidate, and shows one of the following

Two initials and last name, or
first name, middle initial or name and last name, or
first and last name, or
full name.

Provisional Ballots

If your name does not appear on the roster of voters, you may be issued a provisional ballot. In Sandoval County, voters from the “Traditional Rural Precincts” who do not vote in their precinct on Election Day will receive a provisional ballot. In New Mexico, all eligible provisional ballots will be counted.

Voting Offenses

Campaigning is not allowed within 100 feet of a polling place. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed within 200 feet. Voting more than once, voting in someone else’s name, or helping another person to do so is also a voting offense. Any of these offenses must be reported to the County Clerk, District Attorney, or Secretary of State.