Observers / Advocacy


LWVCNM members attend, in person or remotely, a variety of local governmental organizations. The following are notes taken by our observers (PDF format).

Albuquerque City Council

February 22, March 6 2023 observer notesMarch 20, April 3 2023 observer notes
April 17, May 1 2023 observer notesMay 15, June 5 2023 observer notes
June 21 2023 observer notesAugust 7 2023 observer notes

Albuquerque MHRAC (Mental Health Response Advisory Committee)

January, February 2023 observer notesApril 18, May 16 2023 observer notes
July 18, August 15 2023 observer notes

Albuquerque Public School (APS) Board

January, February, March 2023 observer notesApril 2023 observer notes
April 19, May 3 2023 observer notesJune 7, June 21 2023 observer notes
July, August, September 9 2023 observer notes

Bernalillo County Commission:

December 2022 observer notes
February 2023 observer notes March 2023 Voter article
April 2023 observer notes May 9 2023 observer notes
August 2023 observer notes September 2023 observer notes

Sandoval County Commission

January 2023 observer notesFebruary 2023 observer notes
March 8 2023 observer notesMarch 22 2023 observer notes
April 12 2023 observer notesApril 14 2023 Budget Hearing observer notes
April 26 2023 observer notesMay 10 2023 observer notes
May 24 2023 observer notesJune 28 2023 observer notes
July 26 2023 observer notesAugust 9 2023 observer notes
August 23 2023 observer notes


The Local Advocacy Committee (LAC) supports the advocacy efforts of the League of Women Voters of Central New Mexico (LWVCNM) by assisting members who believe that the League should advocate on a local public issue. They are a resource to help members understand when and how the League can engage in local advocacy as a nonpartisan and impartial organization. This page contains a resource guide produced by the LWV: Observing Your Government in Action / Protecting Your Right to Know. There are also links to the guidelines for advocacy and the Observer Corp.

Observing Your government in Action / Protecting Your Right to Know: A resource guide

These guidelines explain the processes needed to advocate or lobby for issues on behalf of the League of Women Voters. Advocacy Guidelines

These guidelines explain what is involved in being part of the Observer Corp, attending public meetings on behalf of the League of Women Voters. Observer Corp Guidelines

The League of Women Voters U.S. has compiled this guideline (PDF) for League observers: