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The League of Women Voters of Central New Mexico is a 501(c)(3) organization. All contributions to LWVCNM are tax deductible.

The League depends on the generosity of individual supporters and members, foundations, and corporations to fund its citizen education and advocacy activities.

The League provides non-partisan voter education to citizens on issues and candidates by conducting and/or sponsoring public discussion, forums, lectures, and other similar programs; by producing observer reports for various public councils, boards and commissions; and by producing online and/or printed pamphlets on issues, candidates and officials. This includes the popular Voter Guide and Who’s Who Political Directory.

You can donate by:

> Sending a check to LWVCNM, 6739 Academy Rd NE Ste 124, Albuquerque NM 87109. Let us know if your donation is for a specific purpose.

> Using a credit card to donate online here. Your credit card information is not saved.

> Adding LWVCNM to your will, trust, or estate plans, or setting aside a portion of a required minimum distribution from an IRA plan for LWVCNM. The JoAnne Ramponi Society was created to recognize these donors. Call our office at (505) 884-8441 for more information.

The League of Women Voters of Central New Mexico appreciates your support!